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Damper Resonance*1 Achieving a More Naturally Beautiful Resonance Than a Pedal The deep, beautiful Resonance resulting from the use of a damper pedal is also reproduced naturally by a stereo resonance simulator installed on all 88 Keys, an approach that differs from conventional simulated reproduction employing Effect Processing. The attention to detail goes so far as to simulate the Resonance created by the lifting of the Dampers themselves when the Pedal is pressed.   A continuously variable system has been Adopted for the Damper pedal, moreover, reproducing even the subtle changes in reverberation that occur in response to the delicate pressure exerted by partial Pedal operation. This enables players to employ pedal operation to achieve gracefully expressive Performances.Mad Musicals Casio.AP-650MBK. MRP.1, 09.995rs
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The PSR-S970 is the flagship model of the S-series, and combines all the functionality of the other models in the range together with powerful performance features including versatile effects inherited from the legendary Tyros 5, external display capability and a programmable vocal harmony function. Features : 989 Voices, including Super Articulation Voices, Organ Flutes! Voices. 41 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices 2 Live Controllers for dynamic real-time control assignable to any combination of parameters including filter, arpeggio and more 450 Styles, including all-new DJ styles, and 40 Audio Styles Vocal Harmony 2 and Synth vocoder functions Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers New Arpeggio function for instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and more Authentic Voices and Styles from around the World USB audio playback with time stretch, pitch shift, and Vocal cancel functions External display capability Real Distortion and Real Reverb, with an intuitive effects interface Specifications : Body Color Metallic Dark Grey Size/Weight Dimensions Width 1002 mm. Height. 148 mm. Depth 437 mm Weight Weight 11.7 kg Controls Interface Keyboard number of Keys 61 Type Organ, Initial Touch Touch Response Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2 Other Controllers Pitch Bend Yes Modulation Yes Control Knobs 2 (assignable) Display Type TFT Color Wide VGA LCD Size 7 inch Color Color Language English, German, French, Spanish, Italian Panel Language English-language voices Tone generation Tone Generating technology AWM Stereo sampling Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 128 Preset Number of voices 989 Voices + 41 Drums/SFX Kits + 480 Xg Voices Featured Voices 131 S.Art!, 30 Mega Voices, 31 Sweet! Voices, 74 Cool! Voice, 89 Live! Voices, 30 Organ Flutes! Compatibility XG Yes GS Yes (for Song playback) GM Yes GM2 Yes expandability Expansion Voices Yes (approx. 512MB max.) Editing Voice Set Part Right 1, Right 2, left Effects Types Reverb 52 Presets + 3 Users Chorus 106 Presets + 3 Users DSP 322 Presets(within VCM) + 10 User Master Compressors 5 presets + 5 User Master EQ 5 Presets + 2 User Part EQ 27 parts Others Mic/Guitar effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3Band EQ x 1 Arpeggio Yes Vocal Harmony Number of Presets Vocal Harmony: 44, Synth Vocoder: 10 Number of User Settings 60 *The number is the total of Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder Vocal Effect 23 Accompaniment Styles Preset Number of Preset Styles 450 Featured Styles 40 +Audio Styles, 366 Pro Styles, 31 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles, 3 Free Play Fingering Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard Style Control INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3 Other Features Music Finder 2, 500 Records One Touch Setting (OTS) 4 for each Style Expandability Expansion Style Yes Expansion Audio Style Yes (approx. 128MB max.) Compatibility Style File Format, Style File Format GE Songs Preset Number of Preset Songs 5 Sample Songs Recording Number of Songs Unlimited (depends on the drive capacity) Number of Tracks 16 Data Capacity approx. 300 KB/Song Recording Function Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording
Yamaha Hs 80 Speaker In Chennai 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified near-field studio monitor 8" cone woofer and 1" dome high-frequency unit 42Hz - 20kHz frequency response. 120 watts dynamic bi-amplified power. XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals. Level control facilitates precise overall system level matching. MID EQ, ROOM CONTROL, and HIGH TRIM response control switches. LOW CUT switch. Full magnetic shielding.
Yamaha Hs 80 Speaker In Chennai Yamaha Speaker Anna Nager 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified near-field studio monitor 8" cone woofer and 1" dome high-frequency unit 42Hz - 20kHz frequency response. 120 watts dynamic bi-amplified power. XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals. Level control facilitates precise overall system level matching. MID EQ, ROOM CONTROL, and HIGH TRIM response control switches. LOW CUT switch. Full magnetic shieldin
Yamaha HS 80 Studio Monitor. 21495rs only. 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified near-field studio monitor 8" cone woofer and 1" dome high-frequency unit 42Hz - 20kHz frequency response. 120 watts dynamic bi-amplified power. XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals. Level control facilitates precise overall system level matching. MID EQ, ROOM CONTROL, and HIGH TRIM response control switches. LOW CUT switch. Full magnetic shielding. When choosing reference monitors for mixing and music production, accuracy is the prime consideration. Speakers that sound "good" on first impression may not necessarily be accurate. What you really need is an honest reference for your mix, rather than monitors that have been tweaked or colored to deceptively sound impressive. The new HS series reference monitors have been created by Yamaha's studio monitor engineering team to deliver exceptionally flat, accurate response that you can trust. Unlike "monitor" speakers with exaggerated bass and treble that make a good first impression but can't be relied on for accuracy, the HS series were designed to be true studio reference monitors in the tradition of the legendary Yamaha NS10M. Whether you're mixing for stereo or 5.1 surround, mixes that sound good on Yamaha HS series reference monitors will translate accurately to the widest possible range of reproduction systems … which is engineer-speak that simply means they'll sound good on anything. And that is the ultimate goal of any reference monitor. We should also mention that the HS-series monitors not only sound great, they look great, too..
Yamaha Par S670 Voice and style expansion packs enable you to customize your PSR-S series Aranger workstation with a wide range of additional content from all over the worldInstantly access authentic new sounds, rhythms, and backing in the musical style of your choiceMega voices feature various playing articulations, techniques and performance sounds and are used in accompaniment styles to provide ultra-realistic expressionThe 16-track song recorder/player lets you create full arrangements or play back songsAccompaniment styles add a "backing band" to your performances while you remain in complete control of chord changes and arrangementsUSB audio recording and playback captures performances on a USB drive Product Information Product Dimensions111 x 52.6 x 23.1 cmItem model numberPSRS670Number of Keyboard Keys61
26 Indian rhythms and more for a total of 275 versatile Rhythms 26 Indian rhythms: KEHARWA 1, KEHARWA 2, BHANGRA 1, BHANGRA 2, DADRA 1, DADRA 2, GARBA 1, GARBA 2, DANDIYA 1, DANDIYA 2, TEEN TAAL 1, TEEN TAAL 2, BHAJAN 1, BHAJAN 2, RUPAK, DEEPCHANDI, JHAP TAAL 1, JHAP TAAL 2, INDIAN POP 1, INDIAN POP 2, INDIAN POP 3, KEHARWA TANPURA & TABLA, DADRA TANPURA & TABLA, TEEN TAAL TANPURA & TABLA, RUPAK TANPURA & TABLA, DEEPCHANDI TANPURA & TABLA 33 Indian tones, stereo sampled grand piano tones, and more for 820 high-quality tones 33 Indian tones: SITAR 1, SITAR 2, SITAR 3, SITAR PAD, TANPURA 1, TANPURA 2, HARMONIUM 1, HARMONIUM 2, HARMONIUM 3, SANTUR 1, SANTUR 2, VEENA 1, VEENA 2, TANPURA + SITAR, TANPURA + HARMONIUM, TANPURA + SANTUR, TANPURA + VEENA, SAROD 1, SAROD 2, SAROD 3, SARANGI 1, SARANGI 2, ESRAJ 1, ESRAJ 2, ESRAJ 3, SHANAI 1, SHANAI 2, BANSURI 1, BANSURI 2, BANSURI 3, PUNGI 1, PUNGI 2, TABLA Effector and everything else you need to create exactly the sound you want Drawbar Organ Function The keyboard comes with 50 specially selected built-in drawbar organ tones. Nine sliders can be used to change harmonic overtone level settings and add percussion and click sounds for real-time sound creation as you play. A rotary speaker simulated using a built-in DSP provides the distinctive acoustic effect of drawbar organ speakers. Parameters can be edited to create original "user drawbar organ tones, " 50 of which can be stored in memory for later recall. Tone Editor The attack time, release time, cutoff, vibrato, reverb/chorus, DSP and other parameters of a built-in tone can be adjusted and edited. You can save the result as your owners unique"user tone" that will be available for instant recall whenever you need it during live performances. A TONEEDITOR button provides instant access to the editing mode. Multiple Digital Effects Built-in effects include reverb (10 types), chorus (5 types), and DSP (100 preset DSPs). By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effect types, you can create original effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later recall. Equalizer Incorporates ten selectable frequency characteristics, Lncluding “Bright” for a lively sound emphasizing the treble range and “Mega vol1” with a stress on volume and bass range. Registration A simple operation saves the current setup, including tone, rhythm, and other settings for instant recall when you need them. * You even can save tones to which effector Effects are being applied. Recalling a registration instantly changes the digital keyboard's setup, making this a great tool for live stage performances. Arpeggiator With the arpeggiator, you can play various arpeggios and other phrases automatically by simply pressing keys on the keyboard. You can select from 150 different arpeggiato , including playing arpeggios from a fingered chord, guitar phrases, and more. Specification: Keyboard 61 piano-type keys Touch Response 2 sensitivity levels, Off Sound Source AHL (Tri-element) Maximum Polyphony 64 Tones 820 built-in tones including 50 drawbar organ tones (100 user tones) Layer/Split Layer, Split(variable splits point) Digital Effects Reverb: 10types Chorus: 5 types (simultaneous use with DSP not supported.) DSP: 100 preset, 100 user (simultaneous use with Chorus not supported.) EQ(Equalizer): 10(OFF, Soft, Bright, B.Boost, Powerful, MegaVol1ã€�Default】, MegaVol2, HLBoost, LineOut1, LineOut2) Auto Harmonize: 12 Arpeggiator: 150 Rhythms/Patterns 275 built-in Rhythms (100 user rhythms) Auto Accompaniment Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending Built-in Songs 5 (demo tunes) Metronome Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: quarter note = 30 to 255) Recorder Song sequencer: 16 multi tracks + 1 System Track, 5 songs, approximately 30, 000 total notes (real-time recording, step recording, song edit, track edit, event edit, punch-in/out) Other Functions Audio recording/playback: 5 files maximum (Approximately 13 minutes of recording per file) Mixer: 32 channels + EXT IN (INST IN, MIC IN), 9-slider operation Pattern sequencer: real-time recording, step recording, quantize, Easy Edit, Event Editor, part parameters (100 user rhythms) Drawbar organ: 9 drawbars/50 built-in tones/50 user tones Tone editor (100 user tones) Registrations: 96 setups (6 sets x 16 banks) Music preset: 305 preset with Chord progression, chord edit (100 user presets) One-touch preset: 275 presets Temperaments (scales): Preset scale (Equal temperament + 16 types)/scale fine tune Octave shift: ±2 octaves Rhythm/song controller Pitch bend wheel : 0 to 24 semitones Modulation button Sliders (9 Sliders used for drawbar organ and mixer) Large Dial Key Transpose ±1 octave (-12 to +12 semitones) Tuning Control A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9 Hz Pedals Standard jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto, start/stop) Display Screen LCD with backlight SD Memory Card Slot Supported memory cards: From 2GB up to 32GB SD memory cards or SDHC memory cards Functions: SMF playback (up to 320KB per file), file save/load/delete, card format Save/load: Registrations, user rhythms, user tones, user drawbar organ tones, user DSPs, user music presets, song sequencer songs, audio recording files MIDI GM Compatibility: Level1 Terminals: USB Speakers 12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2, bass-reflex system, srpeaker on/off Amp Output 7W+7W Input/Output Terminals Mic in Inst in Audio in Line output (L/MONO, R) Headphones (standard stereo jack) Sustain/Assignable USB: type B External ப்ower (12V DC) * USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection. Power Requirements Batteries: D-size x 6/AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW